COLEGIO BASAURI IKASTETXEA follows the Advanced Management Model. It was established in our Mission, Vision and Values in the school year of 2012-2013 with the involvement of all the sectors after a process of self-evaluation and reflections.

From that moment, the first four-year Strategic Plan, which is also divided in 4 yearly Action Plans, was established. A monitoring is carried out through a chart of indicators and through satisfaction surveys to all interest groups. The results are assessed and after reflecting on the objectives, what is considered to be important to continue improving is rectified in order to offer our students and families an advanced educative model.

The Strategic Plan is carried out through a Process Management System. Each process is developed by a Team. Those teams are formed by all the members of Colegio Basauri and it is included the involvement of parents and students from the third stage of Primary Education.

This Management System has been assessed by external evaluation groups of Euskalit, the Basque Government foundation to promote Advanced Management. This foundation has given us the following awards: