Colegio Basauri Ikastetxea is a cooperative society of teaching composed by parents and founded in 1969. It is regulated by The Basque Cooperative Law 4/1993, 24th June, by its social statutes and by the education laws.

Colegio Basauri Ikastetxea provides A FORMAL PRE-UNIVERSITY EDUCATION service and it is part of the PRIVATE SCHOOLS FUNDED BY THE STATE network of the Basque Education Government.

Our school offers all levels of the formal pre-university education, from preschool education (2 years old) until Post-Compulsory Education: PRESCHOOL, PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND POST-COMPULSORY EDUCATION.

It also offers extra-curricular activities and sport activities and provides canteen service, transport, early-birds service and any other service which may help in the educative and teaching activities.

COLEGIO BASAURI IKASTETXEA is founder and member of IKASGILTZA, The Association of Secular Basque Cooperatives of Teaching.