Our school offers a comprehensive and multilingual formation (Spanish, Basque, English and French), from 2 to 18 years old. We promulgate respect and ethical values. Our school is regulated by the Regulation Code of the Basque Government (Reglamento de Orden y Funcionalmiento, ROF).

Our school is characterized by a close and familiar way of treating our students. Our main objective is to take care of our youngsters in a happy and warm atmosphere, in a climate of confidence and affectivity, taking into account their needs, as well as their families’ needs. We show them all our support with early stimulation, methodology based on “txokos” and contact with other languages.

COLEGIO BASAURI IKASTETXEA knows what is significant and crucial in the educative stage. The formation which the person acquires both at emotional level and cognitive and social levels is vital to understand the bet the school makes to promote innovation, both at methodological level (Neuroscience, cooperative learning, txokos, etc.,) and space management level, with the aim of developing the competences needed to acquire the necessary skills to interact positively: ICTs in the classroom, early stimulation, neuroscience, literary skills, emotional management, etc. in a trilingual context.

Trilingual model.

At this stage, the students develop themselves in a stimulating environment which boosts their learning process and their personal growth. We encourage a critical spirit and the development of autonomous thinking. The activities are varied: complementary outings, team work, music, workshops, school garden, projects, technology, which gives them a unique opportunity to embrace and develop the learning process.

Multilingual model.

We accompany our students throughout this stage pushing ourselves to make the most of their abilities. We continuously innovate and look for methods which help us optimize the performance.

Paying attention to their needs, they choose optional subjects such as French, Technology, ICT, Art, Latin, Physics and Chemistry among others.

4 different branches: humanities, social sciences, technological and natural sciences.

Linguistic model A.

Our school guarantees an education of quality and excellence (advanced management model). Our students will be able to be trained for any option they choose when they finish the post-compulsory education. The excellent results we have achieved throughout our career act as a guarantor of that. Our student body succeeds in studying the degree they have chosen as first option.