We are an educative centre formed as a non-profit, secular cooperative of teaching, which is a private school founded by the State and which associates parents since 1969. Our mission is to educate at the different stages of teaching and formal pre-university education established by law. We form students from preschool education to university in a privileged natural environment.

We offer quality, multilingual and comprehensive education.

Besides, we offer and support supplementary and non-curricular activities, both sport ones and cultural ones, aimed at the comprehensive development of our students and which make it easier for parents to find a balance between work and family.

We train and educate CLOSELY and AFFECTIVELY and we are always looking for a balance among three main pillars: RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT and DISCIPLINE.



We want to be a model and prestigious school recognized in our social environment because of our teaching quality and teaching methods. We want to be also recognized because we teach and train our students, because we care about diversity and their future life in society, because our management and organization are effective, because we innovate and we are a school where everyone who builds the community is involved and feels satisfied with the obtained results.


  • Everybody’s professionalism, participation and dedication.
  • Responsibility to build a responsible organization with an ethical code of conduct, committed to the sustainable development, the environment and the equality of opportunities.
  • Efficiency and innovation: we want to be effective, efficient and innovative in management, methodology and the search for resources and infrastructures. We adapt ourselves to social changes and boost a process of continuous improvement.
  • Closeness and affectivity: we encourage a close relationship among the members of our educative community based on dialogue, mutual respect, comprehension, empathy and honesty.