Colegio Basauri Ikastetxea is set in a mainly Spanish speaking environment. Because of that, we have a big challenge to establish the standardization of the Basque language. Since we started in 1970, we have always tried to give our language the importance it deserves. In the year 2010 we started the Ulibarri programme and from that moment we have taken steps forward in the use of the language.

Taking that project as a base, nowadays we continue with enthusiasm the objective of guaranteeing the presence and use of the Basque language, as we are aware of our sociolinguistic reality. Because of that, we think it is important to integrate it in our daily life activities which encourage its use, such as the Basque Language Day, Olentzero, the Basque language and health week, Agate Deuna, stays at different stages (including Secondary Education) to boost the use of the language outside the school, etc.

Keeping the same objectives, we also take part in different events which are organized in our town by the Town Hall and other organizations (Zuztarluze programme, campaings in favour of the language, Korrika, etc.)

But, which is the school’s philosophy? In the majority of cases, as it is not the students’ mother tongue, the use of the language is limited to the school and as regards the standardization, it needs more support to bring the language closer in different context, not only in the educative one. The real learning is the one which is not limited to the classroom; the real learning goes through the limits of the school and extends to our daily life and that is our main aim.