Projects for the methodological innovation. Following the path to excellence and continuous improvement, in COLEGIO BASAURI IKASTETXEA we bet on innovation.

Following the methodological guidelines established last year, we continue implementing COOPERATIVE LEARNING.

Besides, as we have seen that NEUROSCIENCE and its approach has the objective of improving the teaching and learning process, the pedagogical management has decided to take part in a NEUROSCIENCE project carried out by IKASGILTZA and we are now being trained on the subject. Inside the project, we expect to have training and information sessions for families.

On the other hand, we continue with training on the field of TUTORING AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENT, working on RESILIENCE and the MANAGEMENT OF EMOTIONS. This training is targeted at the tutors of the first stage of secondary education and it has practical sessions designed to work with students during the tutorial sessions.

With the implementation of the new curriculum extracted from the current educative law which emphasizes the importance of acquiring COMPETENCES in the teaching-learning process, teachers will receive training on the subject by BERRITZEGUNE.