Our educative ideology concentrated on the students, their dignity and rights has the purpose of forming the student through the harmonious development of all their skills. We see education as a comprehensive process which targets at the harmonious development of all the dimensions of the student’s personality.


Teaching in the use of freedom. Promote a creative spirit which allows the student to overcome new situations. Form in human and professional responsibility according to their age. Qualify them to think, criticize objectively and make decisions.


We adapt our teaching to the needs of each student, paying special attention to diversity. We train them in the human and professional responsibility according to their age, qualifying them to think, criticize responsibly and objectively and to make decisions.


We connect the educative process with life, making it clear the relevance, functionality and usefulness of the learning process.


Promote participation and commitment to environmental quality and sustainability in the school and the environment.

Promote also students’ interest and curiosity about the physical, social and cultural environment through situations based on observation, discovery and research.


We educate students to be able to live together in a constructive way and to actively take part in the school’s life.

Educate in the knowledge and respect to fundamental rights and freedoms and other laws. Promote team work and serve to it. Make the school an educative community composed by parents, teachers, students and non-academic personnel.


Train people committed to work for peace, justice, freedom and happiness. Give a broad humanistic formation which lets us develop and support our beliefs.


Increase the students’ communicative possibilities to boost their linguistic skills in more than one language and train them to use new technologies as a tool to open themselves to the world.


Encourage cooperative work and the shared building of knowledge.