According to the internal code, the school uniform is the following:

In the 1st stage of preschool education (2 years old) a tracksuit or similar can be established to be used during the lessons containing the design of the school.
From the 2nd stage of preschool education (3 years old) until the second course of secondary education, it is compulsory to use the school uniform:

  • A tartan tie with green background.
  • Long or short-sleeve white shirt or white polo shirt.
  • Green jacket.
  • Tartan skirt over green background for girls.
  • Grey long or short trousers for boys.
  • Green socks, tights or leggings.
  • Black or dark blue shoes (or black boots in winter).
  • In the case of using a coat, it has to be a green hassky / barbour similar to the jacket.

For the subject of Physical Education, the uniform has short trousers and T-shirt specially designed for the school. It can also be a tracksuit also designed for the purpose.

Both in preschool and primary education they need a lab coat to use in the classroom and canteen.

The rules have to be followed and no other clothes can be used. The use of the following garments is forbidden:

  1. Black trainers instead of shoes.
  2. Wellington boots.
  3. The use of jackets or coats of different colours.