COLEGIO BASAURI IKASTETXEA offers a TRILINGUAL framework (Basque, Spanish and English) to develop our education and we also offer optional lessons of French from the second course of secondary education as second foreign language.

The main characteristics of our linguistic itinerary, according to the stage, are:

First stage (2 years old): Tafter a two-weeks adaptation period in which we prioritize the use of Spanish, we move to using almost exclusively Basque to communicate.
Second stage (3-5 years old): the timetable is established to have one lesson in English, one in Spanish and the rest in Basque. The three languages are used as a learning tool and a way to acquire the needed competences, not just as a subject.

Spanish is used in Mathematics and in the Spanish subject. English, apart from being a subject itself, is also used in the subjects of Science, Music and Art, and also in Computer in the third stage (5th and 6th of Primary). Basque is used in Gizarte, Natur zientziak, Gorputz Hezkuntza, Erlijio/Balio sozialak eta zibikoak apart from being a subject itself.

Apart from being a subject, English is used in Music, Art and Technology. Basque is used in Gizarte, Gorputz Hezkuntza, Erlijioa/Balio etikoak, Biologia eta Geologia, Fisika eta Kimika. Spanish is used in Maths, Latin and ICT. Students can choose a second foreign language when they reach the second course of secondary.

When they finish this stage, if they pass the Basque subject, they receive a certificate, PROYECTO EDUCATIVO DE CENTRO 17/40, an equivalent to the B1 level of the CEFR for languages.

AThere is no B model at this stage, so they have to choose between A and D. Currently we have model A, so we use Spanish in all subjects except for English and Basque subjects. We are considering doing the subjects which students do not have in selectividad in English or Basque. French is an optional language studied as the second foreign language.