The daily menus are cooked every day in the school’s kitchen by the school’s workers, who have broad experience, working together with AUSOLAN company. The elaboration of traditional home-made food, along with the guarantee of the experts from Ausolan make it possible to create menus perfectly adequate for the needs of our students. The healthy and well-balanced diet is reflected in the quarterly programme where you can find the amount of calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. This way, each family can organize their dinners with time.

The mid-day time allow children to coordinate food with other activities:

  • Playing time in the playgrounds and school facilities where they are looked after by caretakers with broad experience. Extra-tutorial lessons according to personal interests: Basque, English, Ballet, Music, ICTs, private tuition…
First term menu
Second term menu
Third term menu
Rules for contracting and using the canteen
Rules for allergies